Choopl Designs Red Rose Enamel Pin

All You Need To Know About Enamel Pins

Over the past few years, enamel pins have somewhat exploded into the world (again!) and almost everyone seems to have one! Curious about what they are and how they’re used?

An enamel pin, commonly referred to as a lapel pin, is an accessory that people often wear on their clothes. They can also be attached onto a bag or even just displayed on a piece of fabric at home. Though enamel pins may seem pretty small and insignificant, they really spruce up whatever it is you pin them on!

Another use of it is to show your love for a certain thing, such as Harry Potter, One Piece, or even pancakes and dogs!

There are generally two different types of lapel pins - soft and hard. Wonder what’s the difference? Soft enamel pins have slightly raised metal edges while hard enamel pins are usually flat and smooth, and give off a shiny finish. Hard enamel pins are more durable and scratch-resistant as compared to soft enamel.

Most of our pins have a hard finishing, due to the more classy and polished look that it gives off. It’s really just a personal preference! In my opinion, it’s the design of the pin that matters the most!

Wonder how to wear a lapel pin? All our pins come with a butterfly or rubber clutch at the back, and they are extremely easy to use.

Simply pull out the rubber clutch or pinch the butterfly clutch and remove it. Then, attach your pin wherever you want it, and reattach the rubber or butterfly clutch. Ta-da, you’re done!

If you’ve chosen to get a few pin locking backs as an alternative to rubber and butterfly clutches, those are really easy to use too!

First, attach your pin wherever you want it, then push down the locking back into the pin post until it locks in place. As for how to remove it, all you have to do is to lightly squeeze and pull on the little round protruding part on the back to remove it from the pin post.

Another kind of backing available is the magnetic clasp, great if you don’t want to damage your expensive clothes. However, magnetic clasps might not be as sturdy and reliable as the standard backings.

In the beginning when I first chanced upon enamel pins on Instagram, I was mesmerised, hooked, addicted. I wanted every pin I saw - they were just so perfect! However, when I tried to purchase a pin, shipping was crazy expensive to Singapore (think $25!) almost everywhere, so I gave up my hopes on owning them.

Then I had a brilliant idea - why don’t I just make my own and share them with everyone else without making them pay the price of a fancy dinner just for shipping? It seemed like a genius move.

A few weeks later, the first pin design was in my hands. I was so excited. Selling enamel pins was one of the best ideas I had.

Fast-forward two years, and here I am. Choopl Designs wouldn’t be here without your support.

If you’d like to have your own customised enamel pins and/or have me design a pin for you, I’m happy to help! I’d usually recommend a minimum of 50 pieces to make it worth your money. Drop me an email at I usually take around 1-5 working days to reply.