"I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin

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"I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin
"I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin
"I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin
"I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin

When you try your best but you don't succeed :-) But who's to say you can't still be proud of your lack of achievements?

Your gold star pin is:

  • Approximately 2.22cm long and 2.05cm high
  • Limited to 200 pins only
  • No restocks
  • Shiny, luscious, gold hard enamel pin
  • Single butterfly clutch to hold securely in place
  • Arrives attached to a backing card for maximum fanciness ;-)

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More Information

You know what would make a great gift to your loved ones, friends, and even yourself? Meme enamel pins. Specifically, our gold star “i tried” pin.

What’s more fun than collections that you can’t take around? Collections you CAN take around! Take these lapel pins out, wear them around, and show them off for the hard and good work that you’ve done. People deserve to know.

You’ll get one super adorable “i tried” enamel pin with lucious gold hard finishing.

Where to pin your “I tried” pin

Pin your little medal of honour on your clothes, bags, pennants, pencil cases, and basically anything you can find! Take your gold star lapel pin everywhere with you!

Alternatively, you could pin it on your friend’s or loved ones’ shirt to tell them they tried and you appreciate their minimal effort.

Know your meme: “i tried”

The “you tried” or “i tried” gold star meme is a reaction image often used to pity or encourage. Usually at someone’s failed attempt at humour, or work. It’s sometimes used sarcastically as well, especially when someone might have just used minimal effort.

Origin of the meme: back in elementary school, do you remember receiving motivational stickers or stamps from your teachers? This practice has been going on for sooo long to reward students with a job well done, completing an assignment, or good behaviour.

Gold star clip art images were used as legit compliments about 10 years ago! It started getting popular as a sarcastic-use on the blogging site, Tumblr, sometime in May 2012.

While it is rather difficult to find the exact origin of this meme, the phrase “at least you tried” has been captioned under fail images and videos online.

Since becoming really popular on Tumblr, the gold star image has had several variations of the phrase “you tried” come out, such as “i tried” and “i don’t even think you tried at all”.

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    "I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin
    "I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin
    "I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin
    "I tried" Gold Star Meme Hard Enamel Pin